Planning Ideas for a Princess Themed Party

Planning Ideas for a Princess Themed Party

Parents of little girls want to give their daughters memorable birthday parties. Girls often have favorite toys and fantasy characters to whom they relate during their childhoods. Many young girls like to play dress up princess and pretend to wear crowns, ball gowns, and glass slippers. This preference can last for several years of a girl’s adolescence, giving her parents ample opportunity to plan festivities around their daughter’s favorite fantasy. Actually getting down and planning a themed party can be quite a challenge, with plenty of options to consider particularly where decorations, games, favors and food is concerned. A great start to the planning process is to consider the various associations made with fairy tale princesses.

The first thing that may come to mind for these individuals is the color scheme. It may help to think about the colors that many young girls associate with princesses clothes, such as golden, rose and lacy white. In fact, many children’s book authors illustrate these characters as wearing voluminous ball gowns in these colors. Thus, as they put together the celebration, people might center their planning around one or more of these colors.

In addition to ball gowns, these characters also wear tiaras or crowns. Present your daughter with her own crown or tiara and she is sure to get excited. Many major toy retailers sell fairy tale dress up accessories, making it easy for most parents to explore options. A option with a little more exclusivity and panache would be for parents to explore shops that sell wedding related accessories, such as bridal shops. Tiaras are varied as they are available in many shapes and covered with many different imitation diamonds and other jewels.

A nice touch is to use favors; items that are used to adorn table wear or gifts, that share the central character’s theme. A girl’s friends may delight in receiving a gift bag full of toy rings, play makeup, a crown of their own, and a wand that they can hold while they enjoy the festivities. Some people may also give each attendee his or her own costume to wear, such skirt or t-shirt that mimics the princess party theme ideas.

When it comes to providing food for the guest of honor, most little girls enjoy eating a cake that has been decked out with this central theme in mind. You will be surprised how creative local bakers can be; often able to create unicorns, whole characters and even pumpkin carriages and crystal slippers. The cake can be decorated to the party color theme through various decorative icings. Additionally, many bakeries can also bake a cake that resembles a hoop skirt. Inside the hoop, or middle of the cake, a doll can be stood upright to make it look like she is wearing the skirt. Some bakers are able to make cakes that appear almost three dimensional, with the central character standing inside an element of the party theme; even a miniature replica of your own daughter!

To truly complete the cast of characters, parents too are encouraged to take part and dress up. The mother can dress up as a fairy godmother while the father dresses as the prince. Mothers or older sisters can dress up as a fairy god mother, while father can become a knight or prince, or a king. Alternatively, if they want to antagonize their daughter a bit, they may don outfits that make them resemble the wicked witch or an ogre. Their child and the friends can then engage in imaginary play and include the mom and dad in their happiness.

Having a range of games to play is just as important as the food. If children do not have games to play at a party, they may become bored and cranky. Before they have their cake and ice cream, guests may enjoy a round of first.Try Pin the Tail on the Dragon or Rescue the Princess from the Castle.

The games do not have to be elaborate or require a lot of work to put together. Most party supply stores sell readymade games for such events. Even more, most children still expect to hit a piñata at these festivities. A person may buy a piñata and fill it with his or her child’s favorite candy. The friends and daughter may then try to break it apart until the candy spills.

Planning fun around play princess dress up party theme ideas requires that people think about the things associated with this character. Games, favors, food, and more may be prepared with this idea in mind. Most families find that it does not take a lot of work. With even a small amount of effort, it’s quite easy to put on a party that enthralls their little princess and her friends.

Planning Ideas for a Princess Themed Party
Planning Ideas for a Princess Themed PartyPlanning Ideas for a Princess Themed Party
Planning Ideas for a Princess Themed Party

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